Flash This Week 26 prompted by Jane

She barreled into the room. Her face was a mask of fury. Slamming the door, she couldn’t even look at his too perfect face. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run. She wanted to punch him in the face.
The worst part was he looked completely bewildered as to why she was fuming. That just made her even madder. He lied! He said he had lunch with his aunt that day. He said he was busy at the nursing home.
Little did she know, he was out to lunch with another woman. A tall blond with a perfect body. I shouldn’t be surprised, she thought to herself. All men have a fascination for tall leggy blonds. She thought he loved her. She thought they would be together forever. She was wrong.
“Well? What do you have to say for yourself?” she shrieked.
“What?” he asked completely dumbfounded.
“Where were you today?” she screamed in his face.
It was more like his chest. She was short, maybe five foot two. Tim was freakishly tall. He was broad with big bulging muscles and sinfully dark brown eyes. She mentally slapped herself and glared at him.
He paled at the question and she glared at him again. That hesitation was all she needed to know. She could never be with him again. She was hiding her heart break behind her anger. She couldn’t let him see the complete and utter devastation that he caused. Her heart was shattered and she didn’t know if it would or could ever be repaired.
“Marcy? Babe? What are you talking about?” he asked, confused.
“UGH!” she growled and turned to leave.
“Are you leaving?” he asked getting angry.
“Maybe,” she replied.
“Are you coming back?” he asked quietly, almost pathetically.
“Maybe not,” she answered as she closed the door behind her.