The second the elevator doors opened she ran. She knew Tim would come after her. She didn’t have the strength to confront him again. The tortured look in his eyes when he said good-bye was almost enough to send her running back into his arms.

It made her even angrier. How could he look at her and regard her with such desperation? How could he look at her with such love and devotion after what he had done? He looked destroyed when she left. Was she wrong? Was the whole encounter nothing more than a misunderstanding?

She bolted through the glass doors that led out of Tim’s apartment building and stopped dead when she bulldozed into someone walking down the street. The woman had long blonde hair and was at least six inches taller than her five foot two inch frame.The woman put her arms out to steady Marcy. Her mouth went dry and her lungs refused to fill with air as recognition dawned on her.

She pulled herself from the woman’s grasp and shot her a scathing glare.

“Are you ok?” she asked in her sweetly melodic voice.

“Fine, I’m fine,” Marcy replied and turned to leave.

“Wait! Do I know you?” she asked a moment later.

“Nope,’ Marcy replied and attempted to flee.

Her heart was breaking all over again. What was she doing here? He was really tortured about their break-up if this woman was already coming to his apartment so soon after she left him. Her mind whirled and she attempted to leave once again. The woman grabbed her arm.

“It’s Marsha, right?” she asked. “Or Paisley? No, that’s not it.”

That took Marcy by surprise and it made her even angrier. He told this woman about her. She obviously didn’t care to listen.

“No, I don’t know you. I’m sorry, I have to go,” She replied and turned to leave again.

She looked pointedly at the woman’s hand still wrapped around her arm. She looked up and saw the elevator doors open and Tim walk out. He blanched as he looked between the two women.

Ripping her arm from the woman’s grasp, she ran down the street at full speed. The whole time Tim was calling to her desperately to stay. To let him explain. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t.

As his voice faded into the dark night, she vowed to never speak to him again.