Jara thought she knew how brutal pack life could be…until her alpha rejected their mating bond.

When the alpha’s she’s been fated to since birth rejects her at their claiming ceremony, Jara’s offered only way to restore her family’s honor: mate the cruelest alpha ever known instead.
The rumor is he’s so brutal, his previous mates took their own life just to escape him. And as Archer pulls her close and reminds her that she now belongs to him, it’s not hard to see why so many thought death might be only way out from under his cold rule.
Archer is Jara’s alpha and mate, and she needs to learn fast that she represents him when he’s not around. Every single thing she does will be watched and judged. If she dishonors him or makes him appear weak, the entire pack’s safety could be at risk. And with three days before the regional packs’ peace treaty renewal, it’s more important than ever for Jara to get in line.
Before long, rumors among Archer’s pack make other alphas question him as a leader. Trade talks deteriorate, threats are made, and the demands on Jara intensify. But is Archer as possessive as he seems…or will the secret he keeps challenge everything Jara believes?
If you can’t get enough from Jaymin Eve and Christine Feehan, then this dark rejected mates shifter romance is sure to please!


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