Born To Resist Synopsis

It occurred to me today that while I have talked about my book I hadn’t told you what it was all about so here is the synopsis.

Seventeen years after a series of immigration wars that rocked the former United States, sixteen year old Alexa from rural Texas finds out that her ex-military father may have had a greater part in the wars than she ever could have imagined. He is arrested for treason by the new oppressive government (RONA or the Republic of New America) and given no explanation as to why. Alexa finds herself and her best friend Jacob on a journey to California to find the mother, who she thought died when she was a baby, and the resistance who plans to stop the RONA once and for all. Along the way, Alexa and Jacobs longtime friendship changes into something much more when they both realize they have loved each other since childhood. When they meet Xander, a boy their age who was sent by her mother to bring them to California, they find out how much trouble they are truly in. RONA has been searching for Alexa since she left her small town in Texas and will stop at nothing to bring her in. The journey to California is a rocky one. They are constantly running from RONA and dealing with some not so friendly allies. Meanwhile, they are given no information about what is happening and why. Frustration mounts for Alexa when she is left with nothing but cryptic messages from her mother and prophetic dreams. She tastes death for the first time, ending her childhood innocence forever. She is met with condescending questions from commanders at each resistance base she visits. She does the only thing she can do, the one thing her father taught her well. She fights to survive long enough to save her father from death.

Alexa has one goal in mind to rescue her dad from prison but first she must confront her mother. The relationship between Alexa and her mother is strained because she continues to lie to her about her past. Alexa and her friends, Xander, Kara, Jed, and Jacob defy her mother, the leader of the resistance, and take off on their own rescue mission across the country to save her father. They not only have RONA to watch out for, but the resistance has also placed a price on their heads. During her quest to save her father she finds out everything is not what it seems and her parents are harboring yet a another explosive secret. Will they defeat the odds? Or be captured by one of the groups in the process?