Didn’t really want to do this!!

I have been struggling lately on whether I wanted to post my thoughts on the current matters going on in the country.

It wasn’t until I read a quote from Edmond Burke that I decided that I could no longer hold my silence.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmond Burke

So yeah… That quote is a bit dated and yeah I am in no way a man, but I feel it is my duty as an author and a citizen of the United States to voice my opinion.

Colin Kapernick is out of control. Just tonight I heard that while he was practicing for his game against the San Diego chargers he was wearing socks that made a derogatory remark about our police officers that keep us safe every day. On the cusp of the incident where he disrespected our national anthem and our flag and everything it stands for.

Yes, I understand that as an American that is his right to express himself, but I do not agree that a public figure should blatantly disregard those who gave their lives so that he could have those rights. He is not making a political statement he is shaming all of those who worked, bled, and sacrificed their lives so he could choose whether he wants to stand and honor those people who made it possible for him to be in the profession he is in and make the tens of millions of dollars he makes a year.

I’m all for equality and I HATE racism. I understand where many African Americans are coming from. I do not however; believe in the Black Lives Matter movement using violence and murder to get a point across. Every celebrity that has become a member of that movement I have boycotted and I urge my followers to do the same.

The mothers of the movement, as Alicia Keyes called them and Beyoncé honored them last week, are the mothers of criminals who were told by the police to lower their weapons. Do not resist the police and if they tell you to do something, do it. That way everyone is breathing the next day.

Police are trained to protect themselves as well as the community in which they serve. They are people. They have parents and siblings, husbands and wives and children just like the rest of us that they want to come home to at the end of their shift.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to boycott one of my favorite TV Shows this season because one of the members of the black lives movement is going to be a judge this season. This makes me incredibly sad, but as long as The Voice employs members of a movement who use violence and anarchy to get thier point across I will not watch it and I will never buy or listen to another Alicia Keyes song again. I urge my followers to do the same