DJ Hot Pants Cover Reveal

Title: DJ Hot Pants
Author: Ember-Raine Winters
Cover Reveal: March 15, 2018
Release Date: March 29, 2018


My best friend says I’m my defense it was only one kitchen and no one was hurt..A new voice through my radio has me cyberstalking a DJ..the worst thing happened today my clumsiness takes control as I’m grabbing the biggest case of beer..I end up hitting a brick wall and falling..Turns out the brick wall is the DJ I’m stalking..Oh lord…What’s a girl to do?


I am the new nighttime DJ…The sweetest voice called in to request a song..but I keep forgetting.. she’s not afraid to bust my chops about thing happened to me today I slipped on the slick floor and ended up falling for a girl.. She’s beautiful and turns out she’s the voice that calls me out on the radio..When did she become My Girl?

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The liquor store down the street was on the way to the diner we ordered food from all the time, so I stopped there first to grab some beer. Opening the refrigeration unit door, I walked in, not really caring what we drank. I grabbed the biggest box of cans they had and started back to the door. That was where everything went totally wrong. As I went to pull the door back someone on the other side pushed it into me. A rock hard chest slammed into me, which had me bouncing off of it falling on my ass. The box in my hand fell to the floor, cracking the cardboard box open as multiple beer cans tumbled out, dousing us in a lovely spray of beer as they were cracked open in the crash.
Sitting on the now beer-soaked ground, I pushed my hair off my face to look up at the demin-clad legs standing in front of me.
“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” A smooth as honey voice asked reaching a hand down to grab mine, but instead of helping me up, he slipped on the slick floor landing directly on top of me. My breath left me in a woosh, and when I managed to open my eyes to see the large weight on top of me, crystal blue eyes were staring down at me.
Of all my clumsiness throughout my life, this one had to rank up there in the top two. Hysterical laughter would have escaped if I were able to manage a large enough breath. Thankfully, the blue-eyed demi-god rolled to the side with a thump and a chuckle.
“I can’t breathe,” I gasped between my laughter.
“Shit, sorry,” he started to get up, but his foot slid and he landed back on top of me, face planted directly on my chest. “Damn it” was the mumble I felt through my clothes.
He rolled back to the side, and my lungs filled with beer-scented oxygen. The beer had finally stopped gushing like a geyser, but the damage had already been done. We were both soaked.
“Here, let me help you up.”
I finally looked at him, really looked at him. My eyes went wide, and red tinted my cheeks as the smile that haunted my dreams the night before beamed down at me. Shit! Of course it’s him!
He wrapped his hand around mine and tingles shot up my arm and between my legs as I blubbered incoherently. “Well, that was an interesting way to meet someone,” the DJ of my dreams snickered. “I’m Brice.”
“I-I know who you are,” I stuttered like an idiot.
“You do?” he asked with a smile that damn near melted my panties clean off. “I’m at a disadvantage, then. What’s your name?”
“C-Courtney.” God I needed to get it together. I tried my damnedest to calm my racing heart. My hand was still in his after he managed to pull me upright, and damn if it was doing nothing to stop the turbulence running through me.
“Nice to meet you, Courtney.” His six foot two height had to look significantly down to my five foot four frame. “Does this sort of thing happen to you often? I have to say, it’s a first for me.”

Gah! I’m such a clutz!
“The falling and making an ass of myself? Oh sure, daily in fact, but usually I don’t take innocent bystanders down with me.”
“Lucky for me.” There was that smile again, along with a cutest damn dimple in his left cheek. He really needed to stop doing that or the beer wouldn’t be the only puddle on the floor.
“Sorry I got beer all over you.” I pulled my hand back and tried to walk away but he didn’t let go of my hand as we walked out of the destroyed refrigeration unit. As much as I wanted to fantasize he had a reason to keep his grip on me, the reality of the situation and the fact that I looked like a drowned rat with red hair plastered to my face, more than likely mascara trailing down my overly freckled cheeks—thanks Dad—had me really wanting to just hide behind whatever rack of beer was closest.
“I’m not,” he said giving me a wink. “Let me get another one for you. Why don’t you… ah… just stay here?” Clearly, he recongnized the walking disaster that was me.
After grabbing two cases, I followed him up to the counter to pay for both of our purchases. It was the very least I could do.
“Marco, I’m so sorry. Charge me for all three cases, please,” I said apologetically to the cashier, and glanced at Brice, who was looking down at me with what I could only hope was interest.
“No, no, Court. It’s okay. After that last incident, I took out additional insurance on the place just for you.”
“You’re terrible. I’m not that bad,” I grumbled my cheeks beating again.
“You really are, but it’s okay. You’re one of my best customers.” Well, damn. And what exactly did that say about me to DJ hot pants that I was a best customer in a liquor store? Could this get worse?
Brice watched the conversation with interest. Shaking my head at Marco, I handed him my card to swipe to cover the purchases.
“Oh no, you don’t have to get mine,” Brice added.
Ignoring him completely, I pointed at my card. “Marco, don’t listen to him, please. The dry cleaning I’d probably have to pay for is probably more than his case of beer.”
I felt a large hand across the lower part of my back as I signed the receipt and we made our way out the door.
Brice carried both our cases and walked me to my car, watching me curiously. “Umm, thanks, for that. I probably would have tripped over my own feet and broke this one too.”
“Then just call me your knight in shining armor.”

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