Flash fiction!!! I know you want it!  Shoved the gun in his bloodied mouth 

This is a bit darker than I have written before so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! Enjoy!

Running through the woods on four legs was freeing. Luke loved his wolf form but he wasn’t in a position to go on a hunt. Somehow Loki’s men had found his mate before he did. The only way that was possible was powerful magic.“Luke, we got a trespasser on the property,” his beta and second in command said over the mind link.


“The northwest perimeter of the woods. He looks like a scout.” He growled.

“Is he conscious?”

“Of course not,” he replied offended.

“I’ll meet you back at the compound,” Luke replied.

He raced through the forest. Usually the sounds would calm him but not now. Now, all he could think about was the shifter on his property. The shifter that could possibly tell him where his mate was. He would find out too.

When he finally made it into the compound he shifted immediately. He walked briskly to his suite and grabbed some clothes. Nothing fancy, not for what he was planning. He walked down the stairs to the basement of the large building. It looked more like a dungeon with the iron barred cells that sat empty along the walls.

This was by far his favorite part of being Alpha. It gave him purpose and pride knowing he was protecting his pack. He would do anything necessary to protect them and he had done some unspeakable things over the years.

He felt the silver walled room before he was even ten feet away. He could feel the metal sapping his strength. That’s ok though, he didn’t need his strength. All he needed were his tools and he would have that animal telling him exactly what he needed to know. It wouldn’t be long before he found her and brought her back.

“Report,” he ordered as he walked into the silver room.

That room was the only place they could interrogate Loki’s spies. Anywhere else and they could use their mind link and tell him about their defenses. Luke’s men new better than to bring a prisoner or any outsider in while conscious.

“I told you where we found him and that he looks like a scout. He is just starting to come around,” Ben replied.

He reared back and punched the man in the face until his eyes snapped open and he moaned in pain. It only took a moment for his eyes to go wide with fear. The best part was watching his face scrunch up with concentration as he attempted to use his link with his alpha. Luke’s laugh was boisterous yet sinister.

“Having trouble?” He smirked and picked his chrome glock off the table full of tools. He would use every one of them before the night was over. It didn’t matter if he talked, not really. He would get a sick and twisted pleasure from ripping the man’s fingernails out one at a time. He always did. That was the risk they took coming to his territory. They all knew it too.

Advancing on the man slowly, Luke shoved the gun in his bloodied mouth and cocked it. His eyes went wide as he clenched his teeth around the barrel staring back defiantly.

“Where is she?” He asked ripping the gun from the man’s mouth with brutal force. He rested the barrel against the middle of his forehead and waited for a reply.

“Screw you!” The man shouted.

Luke smirked. He whipped his arm back and struck him in the jaw.

“Ben, hand me the pliers,” he said with an evil glint in his eye.

Ben handed over the pliers and Luke got to work. It was only minutes before the room was echoing with the man’s pain filled screams. It wouldn’t be enough to rip his fingernails out one by one. It never was. Grabbing the gun, Luke pointed it at his kneecap.

“You know what kind of bullets I have in this gun?”

“Do what you want to me. I won’t talk because Loki’s wrath will be much worse.” The man spit.

“Oh see, that’s where you’re wrong. See, Loki? He will just kill you and it will probably be quick and painless. Me? I will torture you slowly and then I will let you shift to heal yourself and then I will torture you again. How long do you think it will take for you to be begging me to just kill you already?”

The man’s tan skin turned an ugly shade of pasty white and he knew he had him.

“You don’t want to guess? That’s a shame. I will tell you anyway. The bullets they’re not silver. No they are your run of the mill hollowpoints. They will shatter your kneecap and no amount of shifting will get all the shrapnel out,” Luke laughed evilly and squeezed the trigger.

“Wait! Wait! I’ll tell you what you want to know. The girl is in California. A mountain town north of Los Angeles!” The man shrieked.

“Thank you,” Luke said and pulled the trigger.