Flash Fiction One kiss, as soft as a sigh.

Hey all of my amazing readers. I am so sorry this Flash fiction is so late this week! My brain has been mush with trying to finish book 3 and promote books 1&2. But, here you go! This weeks flash fiction!

She squeezed her eyes shut tight when the loud bang of the gunshot rent the air. The worst part was the eerie silence that followed. It shouldn’t have been that quiet. There should have been…something, right? She carefully opened her eyes and was shocked when she saw nothing. Mason and Luke were gone and in their places were the two biggest wolves she had ever see in her life. She knew the white one was Luke she had him as her pet for the last two weeks but she had never seen the slightly smaller tawny looking wolf, that was snarling and growling at a bleeding Luke, before that moment.

Luke lunged and the two began snapping and clawing at each other. She had no idea what she was doing. She found herself looking around on the floor for the gun without conscious thought. Luke grabbed Mason by the scruff of his neck with his massive jaws and threw him into the solid oak dresser across the room. Aurora saw that as her one chance and moved for the gun that had been dropped next to her bedroom door. Luke was staring at her with his back to Mason, no doubt wondering who she was going to point the gun at.

“Luke, watch out,” she screamed as Mason jumped on his back and bit into Luke’s shoulder with his enormous fangs.

Finally, she reached the gun and took aim. She was starting to panic and that wouldn’t do well for her aim. She attempted, but couldn’t get a clear shot. Luke had shaken him off but was seriously injured and she had no idea what to do. Luke hit the ground and rolled just as Mason took a flying leap at him. There was no stopping it he was headed straight for her. Out of reflex she pulled the trigger and screamed. The large wolf barreled into her and she hit her head on the door frame, hard.

She had no idea how long she had been unconscious, but she felt one kiss as soft as a sigh over each eyelid and opened them sleepily. Luke looked relieved to see her eyes open and she shot him a tentative smile and tried to sit up.

“Don’t move,” Luke growled and lifted her from the floor. She laid her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh and drifted off to sleep.