Review: Pink Moon by Tonya Coffey

I give Pink Moon 4 stars!


I received a free copy of Pink Moon the third book in The New World Series in exchange for an honest review. Pink Moon is a fantasy romance novel set in a world parallel to this one. I guess it’s parallel the author never really goes into specifics about it. I would have liked to know more about where they were in connection to each other. It’s a completely different world from every other fairy story I have read. The author does a great job building her world and explaining what happened to cause things to be the way they are. The pacing was perfect. I loved it!
I didn’t care for Jessa or Micha. I thought they were weak. They let everyone control their lives and decisions. To me, I would have liked to see Micha stand up for himself and Jessa against the shadows at least a little bit, when he didn’t I lost a little respect for him. Despite not really caring for the main characters I found myself hoping that they would stand up for themselves and each other.

The end killed me and since I am so invested in this story I am patiently waiting for the next book in the series.