Excerpt from There’s Something About Vegas

Hey there awesome possums! We are 4 days out from the release of There’s Something About Vegas. So, I figured I would give you a little taste of the book! I’ll will be reading it later tonight on my facebook page as well! Check it out HERE



Groaning at the injustice of the light pouring in through the blinds, I blinked rapidly. The opulent room was not one that I was familiar with. The bedroom of the suite alone was bigger than my apartment, and I had no memory of how I got there.

I left LA on a whim and drove to Vegas. Well, it wasn’t a whim exactly, more like a poorly executed escape plan. I remembered checking into the crappy hotel room off the strip before hitting the club at the beginning of the night. Everything beyond that was a hazy bunch of nothing.

A groan that wasn’t mine rent the room, but that wasn’t all that startled me. A very male and very well-muscled forearm snaked out over my stomach. My mortification was swift—I never did stuff like that. I took a peak under the soft white comforter and blanched. Oh no! What have I done? Scooting out of the bed carefully, I was able to get out from under the arm without waking the male attached to it.

Searching the room, I found my clothes scattered across the bedroom floor. I’m not too proud to say that I ran terrified into the guest bathroom and put my clothes back on, and I’m not even ashamed to admit that I left that hotel without a word or a backward glance.

I took the walk of shame back to my grungy hotel room on the exact opposite side of Vegas from where I woke up. Is it really a walk of shame in Vegas though? Plenty of people were walking the streets in their club outfits, but I was too exhausted and hung over to delve any deeper into that thought process. The only thing I was thinking the entire way to the hotel was, who the heck was mister well-muscled arm and what on earth happened the night before?

I was packed up within minutes of arriving back to reality. My phone was on the night stand and I cursed the number of missed calls I had from Wes—what an absolute jerk. How dare he call me repeatedly asking for forgiveness after what he did? We had been together for two years, and I had a feeling he was trying to use my connections to get ahead. If I never used my own connections to get ahead, why would I let him?

I hadn’t brought much into the room with me. Everything I owned was in the back seat of my beat up old Chevy pick-up truck. Fleeing the scene of whatever happened the night before was the only thing on my mind as I threw my phone in my purse and headed out the door.

I was almost back to LA when the glare of the California sun captured my attention, light refracting off of something shiny. Looking around for the offending object, I noticed something suspicious on my left hand; the bottom dropped out of my stomach. I had to pull the car over on the freeway to keep from running my car off the road. The ring was probably two carats and flawless. I gawked at it as if it were a snake that was about to bite me. Some pretty colorful swear words came to my mind but I kept them to myself.

“Come on, you stupid phone, where are you?” I cursed my lack of organization as I rummaged through the thousand receipts looking for the phone I had literally just thrown in there hours before.

I was mortified by the idea that I had just escaped a horrible idea of marriage with a womanizer only to jump into it drunk in Vegas with a complete stranger. What in the actual crap is wrong with me? I was still berating myself for my monumentally stupid decision when my phone rang and I cringed. The only good that came from another call from Wes was that I found my phone. Cancelling the call, I dialed the only person that I could share my idiocy with.

“Rissa? Where the hell have you been? Wes has been blowing my phone up since like noon yesterday.”

“Oh my God Cassie. I think I have done something really, really bad,” I shrieked, completely ignoring any reference to Wes the weasel.

“Do I need to bring a shovel to your place? I’m telling you that douche nugget completely deserves it, and I will totally help you hide his body.”

I laughed then. I couldn’t help it. I knew there was a reason I called her my BFF. She always helped me put things in perspective. Plus, I loved her colorful use of the urban dictionary. “No, no shovels are needed. The douche nugget is very much alive.”

“Damn, I was hoping I would have a reason to use the wood chipper I rented after you called me yesterday,” she sighed dramatically.

“Nope, what I did may just be worse than killing that cheating butthead.”

She laughed at that. “Babe, we need to work on your language skills, or lack of them.”

“Cassie. I am sitting on the side of the freeway having a panic attack. Can you focus? Please?”

“Wait, what? Why are you sitting on the side of the highway? Where are you going?”

“It’s not where I am going—it’s where I have been…” I groaned as images of that arm—sexy as it was—snaking around my waist came back to the forefront of my mind. “I went to Vegas yesterday.”

“And? What happened in Vegas?” she asked tentatively.

“Let’s just say that in this case what happened in Vegas isn’t likely to stay there.”

“No, you did not pull a Carrie, did you?” She gasped into the phone so loudly, I had to pull it away from my ear.

“Yup, I absolutely did. At least I think so. There is a huge rock on my hand, and I woke up next to an insanely hot forearm. I couldn’t tell you for the life of me how the rock or the forearm got there.”

“You woke up next to a forearm? You didn’t even look at the guy’s face?”

“Nope, I was so freaked out I just bolted.”

What? So you have no idea who you are married to?”

“I didn’t even see the ring until right before I called you,” I yelled, exasperated.

“You don’t just wake up naked next to an insanely hot forearm and not look at the face attached to it!”

“I was freaked out okay?”

“Well, now you can tell that asshat Wes to take a hike, that you obviously can’t marry him because you are already married.”

Bitch was enjoying this!

“No. No one is ever to find out about this. It will ruin my career before it ever starts. Swear to me. Not a soul,” I warned.

“Honey, you know I’m just messing with you. Do you need a place to stay? I’m assuming you’re not staying with the ass clown anymore?”

I giggled again at the use of her Wes descriptions and shook my head. “No, we are done. I don’t want to put you out though. I might go stay with mom for a bit.”

She sucked in a sharp breath. “No, I’m not subjecting you to all that. Come to my house. No arguments,” she said and hung up. Knowing who my over-the-top mom was and how I loved her, yet she could rule all the Western hemisphere with her eyes closed, I was totally taking Cassie up on her offer. Besides, if anyone could figure out I was hiding something it would be the ruling queen of Hollywood.

Despite the shock of not even knowing my new last name, I felt good about my future. Life was going to be going my way from that moment on. I just knew it.