Seven Days of Promos Day 6: There’s Something About Vegas… before the prologue.

Six more days until the release of There’s Something About Vegas! Who’s excited?!?! I am! I am! Today we totally have a deleted scene from the infamous night of debauchery. This one is kind of tame but stay tuned throughout the week to find out what really happened between Rissa and Cole all those years ago. (Hint: Elvis may be involved!)

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It had been a spectacular night and this girl was off the charts amazing. She was sweet, beautiful, funny in a cute innocent way, and I never wanted this night to end. I did something impulsive, which was so not like me.

“Let’s get married,” I blurted. A little voice in the back of my head was laughing at me. It was ridiculous really. There was no way this gorgeous woman would ever do something as wild and crazy as marry a complete stranger. I saw a moment of indecision cross her features before a defiant look replaced it.

“You know what? I have the right to be a little crazy if I want to. My mom has been married five times and none of those marriages were any good. Why not marry a complete stranger on a whim?” She smiled victoriously and I grabbed her hand and drug her to the elevator before she could change her mind.

“Cole? Cole! We’re naked,” she giggled and I stopped dead. Looking down for the first time my face got hot as I realized she was right.

“Shit, sorry.” I ducked my head embarrassed. I went to grab our clothes and hand them to her. Shock must have registered on my face as she grabbed me around the back of my neck and kissed me, hard. She looked at me and smiled wide.

“Definitely worth it. Let’s do this.” She took the clothes from me as I stood there in stunned silence. She got dressed as I watched her. She looked over at me with a curious frown and it finally occurred to me that she was completely dressed in her black mini dress and I was still naked and staring.

Finally, I remembered to get dressed and drug her towards the elevator, but she didn’t need me to drag her, she was just as excited as I was at the prospect of doing something this crazy.

The elevator ride down to the lobby was comical. She kept giving me sly looks and giggling. She was just too damn cute for her own good. I couldn’t help but laugh when the doors slid open and she grabbed my hand in her haste to leave.“Wait, princess. You need a ring.” I laughed. She turned to me with big eyes and allowed me to pull her through the casino. I had text the jeweler and asked her to come in when I realized that this was what I wanted. We walked through the casino back passed the high rollers section that we had been playing craps at for a few minutes earlier and walked towards the Piazza. Her eyes got wide as we walked up to the Tiffany store. She looked up at me. Her face showed dread as she back pedaled.

“No, Cole. Not Tiffany.” She shook her head adamantly.

“It’s okay princess. I can afford it. Just pick what you want.” I told her but by the look on her face I could tell she was going to pick a plain gold band. I couldn’t have that, so I looked as she did. I watched her eyes as they grazed over an amazing two carat princess cut diamond and stopped for a second before they went to a plain platinum band. There was no way I was getting that when I knew she wanted the diamond. She tried on the band which fit perfectly and I looked at her happily.

“Why don’t you go look and see if there is anything else you would like while I get this.” She smiled at me and walked down the line of display cases.when she was gone, I looked at the sales lady. “Is the princess cut her size?”

“I believe so,” she said as she pulled it from the case. I waited for her to confirm and when she did, I told her to switch them and charge me for both. She did, happily and we were able to leave the jewelry store with very little hassle. I called a cab outside the hotel and we both got in the back. I could see the most devious smile on her lips as she sat next to me.

“This is awesome.” She said when the cabbie pulled away from the hotel. It was only a few minutes into the cab ride before she squealed and giggled.

“Can you turn this up?” She yelled, excitedly. I noticed what song was on and chuckled. My beautiful Riss started belting out lyrics by a country superstar singing about waking up in Vegas and not even knowing who she was married to. I totally loved watching her let go and have fun, but it was only minutes before we arrived at the little white wedding chapel. It was one of the few places that still conducted middle of the night weddings.

Before I knew it, she was out of the car and pulling me behind her, twirling around on the sidewalk outside the chapel. I couldn’t help laughing at the carefree girl I saw in front of me as I grabbed her around the waist and planted my lips firmly against hers. When I broke the kiss I watched her blink the stars from her eyes and smile like I was the only person in the world worthy of it. I knew I wasn’t, but I would never correct her.

“Come on, let’s get married.” She giggled.