Flash Fiction Never in all my Life

Something was wrong.

Horribly f*cking wrong.

I woke up, my throat felt as if I had swallowed glass and there wasn’t a drink in sight. Never in all my life had I been as terrified as I had that moment. Despite the opulent room and four poster bed, I knew I had royally screwed up going to that old Chinese restaurant. My stomach chose that moment to growl, loudly. That only emphasized how truly f*cked I was. I hadn’t even succeeded in getting much needed food for poor MacKenzie. 

I was a horrible mom and she wasn’t even born yet. I sighed and looked around the dimly lit room. I didn’t bother getting up and checking the door. I already new it would be locked. The fact that I was still breathing, although laboriously, terrified me even more. It meant only one thing Roger wasn’t done with me yet. 

A noise had me rolling over and pretending to still be unconscious. If they knew that I was awake there is no telling what he would do to us. I made an attempt at controlling my breathing as a small hand touched my shoulder and I heard the soft voice of my savior. “Come on Melissa. Wake up. We have to go, now.”
Hope you enjoyed this weeks flash! Gotta say that I’m enjoying this darker side of my writing! Check back next week to see who came to Melissa and MacKenzies rescue!