Flash Fiction Time!!! But remember, Just for tonight

This story is not for those under the age of 18 there is explicit material that should only be read by adults!!

He was the most despicable being alive. Or, that was what he kept telling himself. He couldn’t help it though. The bond was getting stronger every day and his wolf kept snarling in the background telling him to take her to claim her as his. He couldn’t though. He had to wait until she was ready to hear it.
He chuckled to himself when he remembered her ranting about losing her mind. She noticed his very human gestures and thought herself to be crazy. If only she knew what was really going on.
He shifted every night and sat on the edge of her bed watching her sleep. He swiped her hair back from her face and invaded her mind. It was something he could do with his mate. All shifters could. As the bond grew he could hear more and more of her thoughts. He could see her fantasies and grew hard at the idea of her fantasizing about him. Her eyes opened briefly and she looked at him with a puzzled frown before deciding this was a dream and becoming bold.
She reached up and drew him to her. His wolf howled excitedly in his mind at the thought of claiming its mate. The man was torn between right and wrong. He knew it was wrong but he let her pull him in for a searing kiss. The kiss was desperate all lips teeth and tongue. He couldn’t get enough of her and before long he flipped her over on to her back and was above her braced on his elbows. Kissing a trail down her neck and nipping her with his teeth. His wolf snarled again. His instinct was to take what he needs and never apologize. The man new better. He would enjoy kissing her in her sleep fueled haze but he would go no further. He would not take advantage of her sleep addled mind and risk losing her. His wolf attempted to push to the surface but he held him back.
He heard the consent in her mind. He heard what she really wanted and it nearly undid him. Her breathy moan just made it even worse. He finally conceded to his wolf and took what was his.
Just before he pushed himself inside her scorching hot heat he reminded his wolf of one thing.
“But remember, just for tonight.”