Sharing Saturday! Beautiful Delusions Excerpt!

May contain adult content! Not for those under 18!

I don’t usually do the whole shameless self promotion thing… but I would like to share an excerpt from my newest release cuz…reasons! Hahaha! Here is a picture of my cover!bd

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So here we go! An excerpt of my new release! Beautiful Delusions!


Saturday morning I went for my run, just like every other morning. Running helped to clear my head. After the endless sex dreams I had of Kaylee the night before, releasing that pent up energy was something I definitely needed. Too bad the universe hated me because no matter how many miles I did, I knew would not get a clear head from my run. My phone rang about two miles in and I had to stop.
“What’s up?”
“Hey man, Trey just called. He said he might have a lead on the hacker, and he needs my help. Can you watch Kaylee today?” Mac asked.
“What about Twitch?”
“Man, you know Twitch goes and volunteers at the old folk’s home every Saturday,” he reminded me.
I hung my head and blew out a strangled breath. This was not how I planned to spend my day, but I didn’t trust anyone else watching Kaylee.
“All right, I’ll run home and shower, then I will go sit at her house.”
There was an audible sigh of relief on the other end of the line and I knew he was worried about her too.
“What’s going on, Mac?” I asked.
“I have a bad feeling about this guy who’s been following her. He doesn’t match the description or the mugshot of the guy who beat her in Texas,” he said slowly.
“What do you mean? I thought you said it was Tyler!” I raged.
“Chill Griffin! I thought it was but I just got the file on him, and the guy I have been seein’ doesn’t look like the guy who is in this mugshot. For one, he is much too tall.”
“Shit! So if it’s not Tyler then who the fuck is it?” I asked myself as well as Mac.
“I don’t know, bro, but whatever you do, don’t let her out of your sight today.”
“There is no chance of that happening. I’ll be there in an hour,” I replied and hung up.
I pushed myself harder than I had in years. I made it back to the apartment in fourteen minutes and six seconds. I was showered and out the door in no time. I took Bella, my Alaskan Huskie and retired service dog, with me for company. She loved going for rides in the truck.
It was a couple hours of sitting outside Kaylee’s house before there was any kind of action. Tara showed up and Kaylee brought two of the most beautiful kids (besides my nephew) out of the house and to Tara’s truck. Kaylee’s daughter looked just like her but with darker features. She had olive toned skin and dark chocolate brown hair and eyes. She was tall. Kaylee was not short in girl-terms, but I knew Leanne was only eleven and almost her height. She had long lean muscles where her mom was curvier.
Lance was only three, yet he was a giant three year old. He probably made my little nephew Mikey look like a doll. Lance had light skin and hair and hazel eyes. He was pudgy where his sister was thin, but they both looked just like her.
I waited for Tara to pull out of the driveway and drive a ways before I started following them.
They pulled into the busy park next to Leanne’s school and let the kids out. I was happy at least one thing was going right that day. At a park I would be able to walk relatively close without them seeing me. I got Bella’s collar out of the glove box and opened the door to the truck.
“Come on, Bella!” I called, and she jumped down and waited for me to put her leash on.
My phone started ringing and I realized it was Tara. I looked up and saw a crowd standing around near the pavilion.
“Tara? What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.
“How close are you to River…?”
I interrupted her words. “I’m here, walking my dog, where are you?”
“The pavilion, Kaylee is having an episode.” She sounded nervous.
I hung up and ran with Bella to the pavilion and found Kaylee huddled on the ground rocking back and forth. I never got used to seeing someone having a flashback. Eyes open, but unseeing.
She was seeing something completely different from reality. I couldn’t help but scoop her into my arms and wait for it to pass. That had to be the most helpless feeling in the world.

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