Hello Speculative Fiction Readers

About a year ago my sister convinced me to try the Nook app and I was skeptical at first. I always loved the feel of having the book in hand and never really wanted an e-reader but I humored her and downloaded the app for my iPhone and at first I couldn’t put it down until I got to the middle of a series that I really loved and the next book wasn’t available but, it had been published so I decided to try the kindle app. I haven’t put it down since. 

 I have read close to 400 speculative fiction books mainly self published but also with some traditionally published thrown in there as well. Being an aspiring speculative fiction writer myself I decided that it was time to get out there and start a blog so that

 1 I could talk about all the wonderful books I have read over the last year 

2 post some of my own short stories most of which were written as prequels to the novel I am currently attempting to get published some are random while others work off my other projects that I am working on. 

I will try to post two blogs a week either one of each or two reviews depending how I feel that week. LOL  I hope you enjoy my blog and go on to enjoy the many books I plan to blog about here. Until next time. Happy Reading!